11 Plus Tutors London

11 Plus Tutors London

Why choose an 11 Plus Tutors in London

The admission of your child to different types of secondary schools is a prerequisite to 11+ Exam. It has been considered one of the major points that shape the lives of children for over 40 years. The exam includes literacy, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and numeracy.

Preparing for the said exam is crucial to help your child achieve their dreams. We, at House of Tutors (HofTs), believe in imparting learning in a complex and caring way. We have 11 plus tutors in London that offer individual support for every student. It is our privilege to place your child’s success in the hands of our tutors.

What is an 11 Plus Exam?

If your child is preparing for the 11 Plus exam either for next month or started out with the leisure of time, proper knowledge and preparation for the exam are essential.

Eleven plus is an exam given to students in Northern Ireland and England in the last year of their primary education. This examination governs the admission of students to secondary schools with academic selection. The entry is for the age group of 11 to 12 years old, thus the exam name was derived.

11 Plus Exam Structure

Although the examination varies from the country that uses it, usually it consists of three papers. It includes Arithmetic – mental arithmetic test, Writing – essay questions, General Problem Solving – a general knowledge test using the ability to apply logic to problems. Some exams include verbal and non-verbal tests.

The test takes place in September during the final primary school year. The results are given to the parents in October to prepare their child for secondary school admission.

When to Start Preparing for the exam

We recommend at least a year of gentle preparation before taking the 11plus exam. However, it depends on the readiness of your child and their level of attainment plays a factor. Some kids can settle for a few days of exam preparation, depending on the confidence level they have for a certain subject. If there are some learning obstacle on a specific subject or a learning difficulty, you might want to consider a well-paced preparation and start a regular tutoring class months before your child’s exam.

Preparation for the Exam

Parents need to stay relaxed and not focus on the outcome. Parents tend to become more nervous, and it is essential not to convey such emotion to your child. Stay relaxed and keep your child relaxed and detached from the impending examination. Never push your child, stay supportive, and provide gentle encouragement.

Also, limit the use of gadgets and other technologies, it is important to keep your child focused and avoid distractions. Your child has wired to a pen and brain connection, video games and other computer games can stimulate a negative effect on the brain.

Help your child by organizing mock exams, this process will help reduce the anxiety associated with the exam. The mock exam can be conducted by a parent or an 11 plus tutor and can positively get your child accustomed to the exam process.

We, at House of Tutors, have great confidence with our selection of 11 plus tutors in London. We have a unique and effective way of imparting knowledge and preparing your child for 11 plus exam.

11 Plus Tutors London
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